Safe Dating Tips with Your Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby

We want to make sure you stay safe during your online dating experience with us. Keep these tips in mind when you are chatting with someone or setting up a first date.

When talking with someone online, don't use your real name on your online profile. Don't give people your bank info. You can just use your first name or random name you like and escribe clearly what sort of arrangements you are hoping to find on your profile.

Don't just import photos from your social websites, such as Facebook or Instagram. It's one of the fastest ways for someone to trace you and learn all about you, your friends and family.

Be cautious of posting pictures of your children online. Some people can get infatuated with you and your kids and save your pictures on their page or save them. It may not bother that they have your picture but pictures of your kids can become an issue.

There are risks involved with meeting a stranger off the internet. Don't be stupid. Use an app like Textfree or Google voice. Using FaceTime , Skype and even Facebook is also a great way to break the ice and get a more realistic idea of your potential sugar daddy or sugar baby.

Agree to an allowance. period. and make it as simple as possible. and don't jump into the sack on the first date.

Be logical. Don't send photos right away. Don't give out your phone number. Don' send your passport information to anyone you don't know, if a guy wants to fly you to them and they offered they should be able to send you the ticket or money through the bank so you can buy your ticket, but no one needs your passport for a ticket! Its a lie!

If the online conversation becomes too much or makes you uncomfortable, stop the conversation and block this person directly. Better report this profile to our Support to make sure they don't disturb others.

Don't meet someone at their car, in the parking lot, a low end motel/hotel or anywhere you feel you can't get away safely and quickly. Be cautious and tell a friend your location. Trust your gut and get out of that situation. Most men if they are honest will agree to come to your city first.

Be on time for the date. Dress appropriately! No sexy or revealing attire. Wear a nice wardrobe, no wrinkled shirts, no scruffy shoes!

Don't leave your drinks alone. When you go for your dates, always be sure to order your own drink or take them from the waitress. If a guy says "have a seat, I'll get us some drinks", it is likely a gentlemen but not always he could be adding a little extra something to make it easier to get you in to bed. Just say "sounds good, I'll help you". Always keep a close eye. You never know when you use the restroom or go to check your powder or lipstick inbetween drinks.

Don't go home with your catch on a first date. Cause you don't know the catch well. You might be rapped or forced to do what you don't want. Always say no to anyone inviting you to the house on your first date and hangout in an open place such as beach, park or restaurant.